Giles Sutherland
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27 Jun 2005

Looking for a With the Grain : The Life and Work of Tim Stead book? Interesting ... It looks like this book is on our website With the Grain : The Life and Work of Tim Stead PDF - reading online is now so easy!

Until his death in 2000, at the age of 48, he worked tirelessly sustaining his various and diverse projects which extended from the founding of the Boarder's Community Woodland to the establishment of Woodschool, near Jedburgh, a centre designed to cultivate talented young woodworkers in the use of the rich resources of the Scottish forests. However, Tim was most famous for his own striking sculptures and furniture pieces created from a mixture of mainly elm, oak and ash. His inspiration was heavily drawn from these materials, resulting in gloriously organic celebrations of the natural world. This book, published to coincide with a retrospective of Stead's work at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh and introduced with a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales, aims to bring together all the different strands of Stead's career. A collection of memoirs, interviews, poems and essays, and lavishly illustrated in colour throughout, With the Grain is a fascinating and fitting memorial to an inspirational man whose deep love and understanding of nature touched every aspect of his life and shines through every chair, poem and pupil left behind.

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