Jean Andrews
7,89 MB
05 Apr 2011

CompTIA A+ 2009 In Depth is a great book. This book is written by author Jean Andrews. You can read the CompTIA A+ 2009 In Depth book on our website in any convenient format!

This comprehensive certification solution not only provides thorough preparation for CompTIA's A+ 2009 certification but also provides you with real-world instruction on everything you need to know to support and troubleshoot computer hardware and software. Updated to include the most current technologies, with a new chapter on securing your PC and small network, CompTIA A+ 2009 In Depth takes you from the "just-a-user" level to the "I-can-fix-this" level on all PC hardware and software matters. Coverage is balanced. While focusing on new hardware and software, the text also covers the real work of PC repair, where some older technology remains in widespread use and still needs support. This new edition also has increased focus on Windows Vista and XP, organized by function (such as installing, maintaining, optimizing, and fixing). All the content that relates to CompTIA's A+ 2009 Essentials 220-701 and Practical Application 220-702 certification exams is highlighted with an A+ icon that denotes the exam name and the objective number that the content refers to. In addition, this revised version includes substantial content updates for currency, in order to keep pace with the latest technology, both hardware and software. CompTIA A+ 2009 In Depth is a text you'll be sure to refer to again and again, long after you've passed the exam.

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