Fusion of Security System Data to Improve Airport Security eBook

1. Introduction. With increased security screening at airports since September 11, 2001, many airports in the US have spent a large sum of capital on airport terminal expansions, state-of-art equipment acquisitions, and recruiting and training screening staff.

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Committee on Assessment of Security Technologies for Transportation
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14 Dec 2007

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The security of the U.S. commercial aviation system has been a growing concern since the 1970's when the hijacking of aircraft became a serious problem. Over that period, federal aviation officials have been searching for more effective ways for non-invasive screening of passengers, luggage, and cargo to detect concealed explosives and weapons. To assist in this effort, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) asked the NRC for a study of emerging screening technologies. This book - the fourth of four - focuses on data fusion as a means to significantly improve the ability of the existing suite of airport detection systems and access control systems to detect and prevent attacks. The book presents a discussion of the data fusion, an analysis of current data fusion efforts, and an assessment of data fusion opportunities for various airport security activities.

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